Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Three clinics in Ottawa perform medical abortions

Planned Parenthood Ottawa will "advise" women on medical abortions.

An intern working for PPO tells us that you can pay $1500-$2000 for a medical abortion if you don't have OHIP. Pretty steep price for dismembering, decapitating and disemboweling your pre-born child.

She also tells us that there are three clinics in Ottawa who do medical abortions. I wonder where they are?
This post was written by Katie, our Programming Intern for the 2013-14 school year. She took some time to research the availability of medical abortion in the Ottawa area and wanted to share the info with our readers.
Many people in Ottawa don’t know what types of abortion services our city offers. The main assumption is that the only way a person can have an abortion is if it is done surgically. It may surprise you to know that abortions can also be done medically, which is to say with medication. That said, a medical abortion can only be performed if you are eight weeks pregnant or less.
Medical abortion may be a better option for people who worry about surgical abortion being too invasive. The procedure is a lot more private. In fact, you can insert the pills (they’re suppositories) in the comfort of your own home. At most medical abortion clinics, there is no referral from a doctor required – the ultrasound and blood work can be done right there in the clinic. But medical abortions are not entirely free. If you’re an Ontario resident, OHIP will cover the cost of the visit (ultrasound, blood work), but you have to pay for the prescription, which costs about $50-60. If you do not have a valid OHIP card, a medical abortion can cost $1500-2000.
You are given the prescription from the nurse or doctor at the clinic and need to drop by a pharmacy to fill the prescription.Once you’re ready, insert the five tablets vaginally and lie down for an hour. You have to repeat the process 12 hours later. During the following few days, it will feel as though you are having a heavy period. Bleeding is often heavier than a normal menstruation, and there are sometimes blood clots in the discharge. The longer the pregnancy has developed, the more cramps and bleeding there will be. When the abortion is complete, the bleeding and the cramps will begin to diminish. Follow up visits at the clinic are usually between 1.5-2 weeks after the abortion to determine whether the termination is complete.
There are 3 clinics in Ottawa that offer medical abortions, and you can get their contact info by calling Planned Parenthood Ottawa at 613-226-3234. You can also contact Canadians for Choice at 1-888-642-2725 or if you’re interested in info on financial assistance for abortion procedures (for the procedure itself or for travel or accommodation related to the procedure). The National Abortion Federation of Canada has info on who provides medical and surgical abortions across Canada, and they can be reached at 1-877-257-0012.
Don’t hesitate to contact any of these organizations if you have any questions.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Abortion issue is a long way from settled

I was surprised to read this letter from the Guelph Mercury. I was surprised that it was even published. Don't they have editors over there to screen such hateful letters? And the irony is, that the letter writer uses the word hate five times, yet not one use is warranted, or even makes any sense.
"The abortion issue was decided in the 1970s."
Well no, it wasn't. In a democracy issues aren't "decided". If they were decided, it wouldn't be a democracy.
"...these right-to-life ads on city buses are...offensive". 
How are these ads offensive? The writer doesn't tell us, we must simply take his word for it. Here they are again in case you haven't seen them. You can decide for yourself.

"It's hate literature, saying basically we hate you because you are killing people."
So what part of: "Simply human. I'm not a potential person I'm a person with potential." And, "This is a child. Not a choice." says "we hate you"? I can't read hate into the signs and neither can the letter writer. He's making that up.
"You are terrorizing a vulnerable minority of our population with your ads because of your religious belief."
Terrorizing? Hamas terrorizes people. Al Qaeda terrorizes people. Pro-life people do not terrorize people. And there is no religion raised in the ad at all. Some pro-life people are religious, some have no religion and some are atheists. Remember Christopher Hitchens? He was a rabid atheist and pro-life. And I can never understand it, when people conclude that pro-life people are religious, and use that specious "argument" to try and justify their point of view.
"Stop it. You don't have that right."
Yes we do. It's called free speech. In Canada this is a constitutional right.
"Abortion was decided a long time ago by the majority." 
Abortion is not decided as long as people say it's not decided. Full stop.
"When abortion is legal, the crime rate drops quite noticeably."
Wrong. Read this: Did Steven Levitt, author of “Freakonomics”, get his most notorious paper wrong from the Economist.
"Every child should be a wanted child." 
What about "unwanted" toddlers. Or "unwanted" teenagers. Should we get rid of them too?
"You aren't alive until you can breathe on your own." 
You are alive at conception. You are growing. You are not dead.
"I bet you hate me".
I don't hate you. I feel sorry for you. I really, really do.

Human beings have human rights

By Jonathon Van Maren
That was a comment left on The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada’s Facebook page by a woman who presumably opposes men speaking out against misogyny, domestic abuse, rape culture, and female genital mutilation as well. Apparently, you see, male genitals disqualify people from speaking out on various human rights issues deemed by women who define themselves by their uteruses while protesting angrily against being defined by their uteruses as “women’s issues.”
Which abortion isn’t, by the way. It’s a human rights issue.
File 2739
To break it down really simply for our confused “feminist” friends: Human beings have human rights. Human rights begin when the human being begins, or we are simply choosing some random and arbitrary point at which human beings get their human rights. If we do not grant human rights to all human beings, inevitably some sub-set of human beings gets denied protection by another group with conflicting interests. In this case, of course, it is the abortion crowd, who want to be able to kill pre-born children in the womb whenever they want, for any reason they want.
Science tells us when human life begins. Pro-abortion dogma is at worst a cynical manoeuvre to sacrifice the lives of pre-born human beings for self-interest, and at best an outdated view that collapsed feebly under the weight of new discoveries in science and embryology. But the abortion cabal wants to preserve their bloody status quo at all costs, and so they make ludicrous claims about needing a uterus to qualify for a discussion on science and human rights.
In fact, feminists love it when men speak up on abortion, as long as we’re reading from their script, which is why the carnivorous feminists have such a support system among the Deadbeat Dads for Dead Babies set and the No Strings Attached Club.
Male abortion activists have even begun to complain about “forced fatherhood,” a new cultural injustice in which they are expected to bear some responsibility for fathering children with women they didn’t love enough to want to father children with, but did appreciate enough to use for sex. Casual fluid swaps, they whine, should not result in custody hearings.
This is not to mention a genuine social tragedy that has men forcing or pressuring women to have abortions or abandoning them when they discover that the woman is, indeed, pregnant.
Or the fact that abortion has assisted pimps, rapists, and misogynists in continuing the crimes of sex trafficking, sexual abuse, and sex-selection abortion.
And coming against these disgusting trends are thousands of men in the pro-life movement who believe that shared humanity means shared responsibility, and that when the weak and vulnerable are robbed of their rights, we have to stand up and speak out.
We are not at all convinced by the feminist argument that people should think with their reproductive organs or genitals. We think that the number of people currently doing that has perhaps contributed to the problems we face. And we refuse to be told that protecting the human rights of all human beings is “none of our business” and “outside of our interests.”
Arguments don’t have genitals, feminists. It’s a stupid argument trying to protect a bloody ideology.
Reprinted with permission

Sunday, July 27, 2014

To do - write to CPSO

Send your comments in to the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO) on their Human Rights Code Policy review, by August 5, 2014.

It is very important that every right thinking Ontario person do this. Our conscience rights and freedom of religion rights are supremely important to defend.

When we tell doctors to leave their conscience at the door, we are in effect saying, that we condone their acting unethically and immorally. That is what is meant, by not allowing our conscience to guide our actions. It is a very dangerous road to travel.

Our Church provides an excellent sample letter for people to use.

Abortion gets priority over all other health problems

"The New Brunswick Medical Society is calling on the provincial government to develop a plan to make sure there are no barriers to access abortion in the province, but says the contentious two-doctor rule isn’t the problem." 
The recent closure of the private Morgentaler Clinic in Fredericton has led activists to call for the repeal of regulation 84-20 of the New Brunswick Medical Services Payment Act. It stipulates that abortions are paid for only if they are performed in one of two approved hospitals after being deemed medically necessary by two physicians. 
"It's the same as any other health issue,” said Dr. Camille Haddad, the society’s president-elect. 
Haddad says any procedure requires a referral from a family doctor and a consultation with a specialist.
"It's a decision between those two people, a family doctor and the woman, and the specialist and that's it,” he said. (all emphasis mine)
I currently have a pre-cancerous skin problem on my face. I've seen my GP multiple times about it. She has now referred me to see a dermatologist and I have to wait five weeks for an appointment. Do you think I can just waltz into the dermatologist's office without a referral? Of course not. Do you think I can just waltz into his office without waiting those five weeks that I have to wait? Of course not. What about my access to a dermatologist?

Why do women expect to have access to an abortion--a completely discretionary procedure--without having to see any doctors at all? Why do they expect (I should say demand) this and I have to follow the defined process just like everyone else?

There are access problems and wait times for all medical procedures in Canada. Our health care system is sick. I just can't figure out why the abortion procedure always gets such special treatment over every other health issue.