Thursday, August 27, 2015

RU-486 is a danger to women

Last week I wrote this on Joyce Arthur's take on RU-486.

Yesterday my letter was published in the Windsor Star:

Re: Beware of medical misinformation, by Joyce Arthur, Aug. 17.

The letter writer says, “There’s a reason it took Health Canada almost three years to approve mifepristone (the name RU-486 is incorrect) because the agency very carefully studied all the evidence, including possible concerns.”

There is no way she can know this, since that information is not publicly available.

This drug is very dangerous. The risks and health hazards regarding RU-486 have been meticulously documented in a book by Renate Klein called “RU486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals.”

Dr. Klein is pro-choice, so the letter writer cannot allege that she is also just “anti-abortion and therefore ideological.” I suggest the letter writer read the book, she might learn something.

One excerpt from the book:
“ … Readers might not draw the same conclusion [that the drug is safe and effective], like hemorrhage-like bleeding, including the need for a blood transfusion, and/or re-evacuation, cardiovascular problems, a potentially lethal infection, or an ongoing pregnancy.”

Now that this drug is available in Canada, it is only a matter of time before we will have our own women suffer its serious side effects, possibly fatal.


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Poor Planned Parenthood Ottawa - stop your bellyaching

Ah. Poor Planned Parenthood Ottawa. They think they are under attack. And they have managed to get the media to cry with them. Boo hoo:
"Planned Parenthood is under attack in the United States, where anti-abortion activists are trying to get its funding cut in Republican-controlled states. In the U.S."
Writer Elizabeth Payne first mentions Planned Parenthood in the US, but notice there is no mention why PP is under attack in the US. You know, for the illegal selling of fetal body parts? The huge news story that no Canadian newspapers are writing about?

When Ms. Payne called me about PPPO I asked her if she was writing about PPPO's selling of body parts. She said no, and a follow up email asking her to write about that pathetic news story went unanswered. In fact, none of the mainstream media in Canada has tackled this disgusting story at all.

Can you say biased?

Notice that PPPO's sad tale of woe is blaming an unknown "small group" for their problems:
“A small group who oppose health care for women and trans people have put unacceptable pressure on Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s funders … harassing them and threatening to expose them in the media.” 
She said callers have asked some funders to “stop funding sex ed, contraception or counselling. It’s not about abortion. They oppose our health care.”
So is Ms. Payne just taking PPPO's word for it that some group is targeting PPPO's funders? Which funders? Which group is doing the targeting? There's no specific details here at all. Doesn't even sound like a news story, more of a pity-party-whine-fest from PPPO.

There's no mention of the most likely real reason people might be targeting PP in the first place. As in just maybe it's about the exposé of Planned Parenthood Federation of America's (PPFA) "illegal selling fetal body parts" in the US.

If PPPO is being systematically targeted, great. Not because we oppose "women, youth or trans people " as Dobson-Hughes says, but because we oppose PPPO's pro-abortion ideology and because in Canada they make abortion referrals. What part of that simple idea is so hard for the pro-abortions to understand?

It's doubtful my blog resulted in PPPO's appeal. More likely PPPO is putting their own spin on the U.S. story to get more funding. Which brings me to what really gets my knickers in a twist. Why does PPPO get funding from Government organizations like the Canadian War Museum and the National Arts Centre, and the the Museum of Civilization, when crisis pregnancy centres do not get public funding, and the one time they did, fake person made sure it was revoked?

PPPO, get over yourself.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Ask your candidate what they think about abortion

From the people at

Does your candidate support:

Late term abortion?
Sex selective abortion?
Pre-born victims of crime?

Welcome to lifeTOUR, a cross-country tour spearheaded by with more than 20 events across the country. Do you want to make a difference for pre-born children in Canada? Together we can ensure pre-born human rights are discussed during the 2015 federal election, and work to bring an end to unregulated abortion in Canada.

So what is the goal of this tour? lifeTOUR seeks to ensure that Canada’s leaders cannot ignore the injustice that is being committed against 100,000 of our pre-born neighbours every single year.

We aim to provide everything that you need to feel equipped for engaging your candidate in this discussion. In addition to learning where the different political parties stand, this site will inform you with questions to ask the candidates, petitions to sign, and action items such as lawn signs, window decals and t-shirts to carry the message forward. Come out to an event in your area, engage your candidate through emails, phone calls, social media, or questions at all-candidates’ meetings, or all of the above!

Together we can make a difference for our pre-born neighbours!

Friday, August 21, 2015

Joyce Arthur's logic isn't logical

This letter prompted Canada's number one pro-abortion Joyce Arthur to say this:
"It is irresponsible to allow dangerous medical misinformation like this to be published. The letter writer’s sources are apparently anti-abortion and therefore ideological."
Isn't that rich? Ms. Arthur dismisses the letter writer's sources because the writer is "anti-abortion and therefore ideological". Well since Arthur is "pro-abortion and therefore ideological", why would she think we wouldn't dismiss her as well?

I wonder if Ms. Arthur has read Renate Klein's book "RU486: Misconceptions, Myths and Morals."  Dr. Klein is extremely opposed to RU-486 and backs this up with extensive research into its harms. By Arthur's own logic, this book is worthy of paying attention to, since Dr. Klein is pro-choice.

Funny that Arthur doesn't mention the book in her letter.